Today’s high is 78? In September? In North Carolina??

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When I first saw this movie, it made me super uncomfortable. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was an impressionable child attending Catholic school and the themes were just really dark and difficult to understand. When I watched it again in college, I fell in love with the movie and now it’s one of my favorites. It takes such an unflinching eye to the hypocrisy of those in power who don’t practice what they preach. It doesn’t gloss over the moral discussion at play here which is impressive for a disney movie.

Frollo isn’t just a bad guy with an agenda. Far from it. His behavior is so human and common that I think he’s arguably one of the best Disney villains out there. Frollo is a man who twists ideology to justify his actions even though deep down, his own human nature wrestles to follow that ideology. “Hellfire” is essentially a song about a man struggling with his twisted sexual desires and his personal dogma. IN A DISNEY MOVIE.

The movie is meant to make you feel uncomfortable and question your conscience, your prejudices, and your actions. I’m surprised Disney produced such a dark movie but goddamn, I am so glad they did.


I don’t even know why I like GotG as much as I do??? I’ve never really felt a personal connection to a Marvel movie before this what’s happening

Honestly, I think part of the appeal of it is that it’s very *not* superhero-y. Like yeah, there’s a walking tree, a talking raccoon, a bad-ass lady assassin in SPACE but that’s really the extent of the superhero motif. Every character is well-developed, interesting, and relatable. Which isn’t to say that this isn’t the case with the other Marvel movies but for some reason, I think it’s easier to relate emotionally with a pack of space rejects. 


Book Quotes: - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
"Oh I can’t wait to see McGonagall inspected,” said Ron happily. “Umbridge won’t know what’s hit her.” 

McGonagall is the Queen of Sass. All Hail McGonagall.

All hail Queen Maggie Smith.

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Mercury Power, Make Up

Sorry, not sorry. 

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Ami you perfect bb.

Ami you perfect bb.


the emmy-nominated kate mulgrew.


Favorite Artists Meme → Kevin Wada

↳ ft. the Maximoffs

Hnnnnnnggg so talented. I got to meet Kevin Wada at HeroesCon on Sunday and he’s literally the nicest person ever. Also his art is freaking gorgeous. If he had had this at the table, I would have bought all of it. Instead I took home the last Pokemon poster he had so overall, it’s a win-win. But yes. Go look at his art. Forever.

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Let me tell you a fucking thing about costume design. That’s some in depth, difficult shit to learn. And the fact that this goddess can ramble this shit off the cuff means she knows her shit. ELLE WOODS IS A GODAMNED GENIUS AND IT’s NOT A STRETCH TO BELIEVE SHE GOT INTO HARVARD LAW MMMK?


this movie is literally about an attractive woman who loves to party having to prove over and over again that she’s also intelligent and hard-working to those who judge her based on her looks (who also empowers and fights for other women, and fosters unlikely friendships instead of engaging in girl hate) and if you don’t think that’s some great feminist shit then I don’t know what your problem is

Let’s not forget that in the end when the guy wants her again, she turns him down because she knows she deserves better.

AND let’s not forget that at the end she is the class-elected speaker at the graduation ceremony, has graduated with high honors, has been invited into one of Boston’s best law firms, and is best friends with the girl who her boyfriend left her for.

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The Road to El Dorado

Ohhhh this movie.